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Divine Inspiration
Gallery Of Fine Art

SHERRY SPEAR - A Solo Exhibition

Show will run February 1 through April 25, 2015

Presenting an eclectic array of the whimsical and colorful oil paintings of local artist and gallery owner, Sherry Spear, ranging from humorous figurative works in mixed-media to more representational still lifes.

Sherry Spear mixed media


Bird Refue painting

"Bird Refuge"

Mission painting

"Santa Barbara Mission"

Ice Cream Cone

"Neopolitan Generation"


SB Harbor Painitng

"Santa Barbara Harbor"

"Hippocampus Whisker"

"Gypsy Cowboy"


"Disco Daze"

Interweaving the use of a palette knife and a brush, Spear uses a vibrant palette of color to convey emotional energy with her unique and enigmatic humor. A flotsam and jetsam of mixed-media items, such as shells, glass beads, glitter, gold and silver leaf, fabric bits, etc., all randomly place on canvas, in combination with an un-predetermined ground layer beneath the subject, lend itself to Spear's belief that the resulting painting has it's own destiny in what it will ultimately become. The subtle play of the active underlying ground of textures and reflective effects create depth and structure in the works. The blend of imagination and playfulness, with a push towards abstraction, creates a beguiling effect to capture the interest of the viewer.

The Divine Inspiration Gallery of Fine Art
1528 State Street in Santa Barbara