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Divine Inspiration
Gallery Of Fine Art


Holiday Group Show
Featuring the art of Kit Boise-Cossart, Carrie Dawn, and Gerry Winant.

Show will run November 7th through December 21st, 2013
with an artists’ reception on 1st Thursday, November 7th from 5 to 8 pm.

Floral Photography by Carrie Dawn
Floral photography by Carrie Dawn

"Daffy,Dilly and Jilly"
Carrie Dawn

Carrie Dawn

Landscape oil paintings by Gerry Winent
Landscape oil painting by Gerry Winent

"High Tide"
Gerry Winant

"Rainy Afternoon"
Gerry Winant

oil pastel painting by Kit Boise Cossart
Oil pastel painting bt Kit Boise Cossart

"Butterfly Beach"
Kit Boise - Cossart

"Hammond's X"
Kit Boise - Cossart

Oil pastel painting by Kit Boise Cassrt
oil pastel painting santa barbara

"Hammond's V"
Kit Boise - Cossart

"Hammond's IV"
Kit Boise - Cossart

Floral photography by Carrie Dawn
Floral photography by Carrie Dawn

Carrie Dawn

Carrie Dawn

Lanscape oil painting by Gerry Winent
Serria landscape by Gerry Winent

"Sierra Lake"
Gerry Winant

"Plowed Fields in Sunset"
Gerry Winant

Floral photography in Santa Barbara
Gerry Winent painting

"Sunlit Road"
Gerry Winant

Carrie Dawn

In a medium often difficult to work with, Kit Boise-Cossart's oil pastel paintings capture his emotional interpretation of local coastal scenes with their spontaneity, raw energy, and pure colors. Done at dawn and dusk, his series of " Hammonds" provided a welcome respite during a family illness.

Prismatic and magical images are captured by "natural light artist" Carrie Dawn, using a simple point and shoot camera. Utilizing patterns and geometric shapes created by sunlight streaming through her bathroom window blinds into a tub with glass objects , she created unique reflections onto flowers.

Gerry Winant is adept at creating wonderfully inviting plein air oil paintings, often with tranquil bodies of water reflecting lovely evening skies that add to the warm atmospheric mood of his romantic landscapes.

Whether with literal reflections, or introspective ones, the works of these different artists embody their love of what they see.

The Divine Inspiration Gallery of Fine Art

1528 State Street in Santa Barbara