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Divine Inspiration
Gallery Of Fine Art

"Sea Breeze"

A Two person exhibition of Oil Paintings by Michael Harvan and Sharon Schock.
Divine Inspiration Gallery of Fine Art is pleased to present the work of these two Carpinteria artists.

January 24th through April 14th, 2012

First Thursday Reception for the Artists:
February 2, 5pm - 8pm

Michael Harvan Painting
sharon shock painting

"Three Feathers"
Michael Harvan

"Between Classes "
Sharon Schock

Michael Harvan art
Sharon Shock art

"Windy Day"
Sharon Schock

"Evening Glow"
Michael Harvan

Michael Harvan painting
sharon shock painting

"Clouds off Sandpoint"
Michael Harvan

Between Classes I "
Sharon Schock


Michael Harvan"s idyllic and meticulously detailed paintings evoke a time gone by in their romantic serenity, infused by his luminous waves and skies.
Michael believes in the power of the senses, instilled by childhood memories, to elicit inspiration and excitement of a scene that is conveyed by colors, shapes, light and the moment of weather drama present.
His use of multiple glazes help provide a depth in his work that contributes to a subtle, yet powerful relationship between land and sea.
The play of light on the water and the undulating rhythm of the waves offer eternal comfort to the soul.

Sharon Shock's bold and magically glowing colors are punctuated by her masterful use of light and shadow. Her controlled, yet loose and luscious brushwork help to draw the viewer into her unique local scenes, done " alla prima ", or in one day.

Both artists' realistic paintings reflect their individual true appreciation of God's beautiful Nature that surrounds us.

The Divine Inspiration Gallery of Fine Art

1528 State Street in Santa Barbara