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Divine Inspiration
Gallery Of Fine Art

"Intersections of Sacred Landscapes:
Burma and Death Valley"

The Photography of Jesse Kaplan
December 6, 2012- January 31, 2013

Opening Reception
Thursday, December 6th 5-8 pm

Kaplan Photography
Kaplan Photography fisherman

"Kayan Kahwi Weaving"

"Leg Rowing Fisherman"

Kaplan Photograph women smoking
Jesse Kaplan Photograph

"Walking With Parasoles"

"Women Smoking"

jesse Kaplan Photophotography

Jesse Kaplan is a young photographer who has traveled to over 40 countries and experienced many primitive and isolated cultures, including the secretive military dictatorship of Myanmar , or Burma, a nation that is slowly struggling towards democracy.

"A Twig in the Mud"


As the third generation in his family in the film business, Jesse learned well from cinematographers  the use of light and composition. He holds  advanced photography certificates  from UCLA and currently works as a film sound technician and videographer specializing in travel and architecture.

While a student at UCLA, he was able to get into Burma on a student visa with all his equipment, as photojournalists were strictly not allowed into the closed society.
Jesse captures unique moments in time in his photography, portraying hidden rituals and practices of the people with remarkable sensitivity.
Similarly capturing moments not often seen, the awe-inspiring desert landscape of California's Death Valley offers stunning light and shadow contrasts created by ever-changing wind-swept sand dunes. Divine Inspiration Gallery is proud to present Jesse Kaplan in his first gallery exhibition.

The Divine Inspiration Gallery of Fine Art

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