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Inspiration Gallery Of Fine Art


An exhibition dedicated to the gallery's creator, Barbara Sonia Adams, (1947-2014) "Madame Rosinka".madamerosinka.com (title now passed down to sister Julia). Sonia created the gallery in 2003 with the belief that art is a divinely inspired gift from God. The belief that was an inspiration to 45 year best friend, Sherry Spear, current owner and director, to beat cancer in 2002.

Santa Barbara's Magical Oasis

Sonia Adams and Sherry Spear worked collaboratively to create the unusual perspective of interwoven dimensions using photo-collage with pastels to produce a tromp'l'oeil effect depicting scenes of Carpinteria and Santa Barbara. A "magical moment" in time, captured in the past by photo, was brought into the living energy of the present in pastels, creating a 'world within a world'. The conceptual artist, Sonia Adams, took non-digital photos with the intention of preserving favorite locales. She created paths, with a way in and out… to take the viewer somewhere and to a special place in time. Whimsical scenes were then extended in pastel, in contrast to the photo-realism, to fascinate and intrigue the viewer into entering a magical moment, or 'window of soul'.

"Whoever Made this Tree Made Me"

"East Beach Island"

"The Gold Coast"

"If There's Way In, There's a Way Out"

Framed and unframed prints available.

The Divine Inspiration Gallery of Fine Art
1528 State Street in Santa Barbara