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Divine Inspiration
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Magical Moments...Windows of the Soul


The Artists -Sharon Spear, Cathryn Mailheau, Sonia Adams

Barbara "Sonia" Adams sadly passed away September 19, 2015. Barbara Adams, AKA Madame Sonia Rosinka... psychic-spiritual advisor on Stearn's Wharf since 1951, was the curator and designer of the Divine Inspiration Gallery.
She believed that only the present is real, which is where God lives; and that art is a divine inspiration with no mistakes... just infinite choices and perspectives.
Sonia's incredibly wide range of talents included a passion and vision for property renovation and interior design, as well as being the owner of the very successful Chase Restaurant and Lounge on State Street.
As an artist, Sonia was entirely self-taught. She used her feelings and extraordinary vision to create a magical reality in media ranging from photography, to watercolor, to pastel.
Her work is in numerous private collections, including:
Otis Chandler (Late publisher of the L.A. Times)
Jon Ziehl (CEO PlanMember Services in Carpinteria)
Camilla C. Frost (Board of Trustees, LACMA)
Sonia's works have also been exhibited publicly:
The Arts Fund show 2002
I Madonari 1995-2001

Cathryn is a former model and local Santa Barbara artist with a background in interior design, who also works for "Icebreakers Catering Co.", in conjunction with the Chase Restaurant and Lounge.
She is a talented self-taught artist, who showcases her remarkable drawing skills in shows at the " Divine Inspiration Gallery of Fine Art" in Carpinteria, done in collaboration with Sonia Adams and Sharon Spear. Her works are in many private collections.
Her most recent work has been featured in " A Gypsy's Perspective…A World Within A World", and " Magical Moments…Windows of Soul". Both are series depicting scenes of Carpinteria and Santa Barbara done in photo-collage with pastel. Cathryn created whimsical scenes in an extension and contrast of the photo-realism to fascinate and intrigue the viewer into entering a "magical moment"

I fell in love with Santa Barbara as a little girl, when my family took me on trips here. Consequently, I pursued my initial art education at UCSB.
I enjoy painting in a variety of media, including oil, watercolor, pastel, gouache, and mixed media that express my love of this area.
University of California, Santa Barbara - B.A. in Fine Art 1971
Brentwood School of Fine Art - Graduate Studies 1975-81
I exhibited at the Cabrillo Blvd. art show for 20 years, and my works have become part of many private collections over the last 30 years, some of which are as follows:
Barbara Adams, S. B. real estate investor; owner of The Chase Restaurant and Lounge.
Otis Chandler, Ojai, late publisher of the Los Angeles Times.
Camilla C. Frost, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, board of trustees.
Mar Monte Hotel
The Cancer Center, S B.
Ocean Meadows Golf Course

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